About us


    Ashimashi Trading & Production Group is one of the leathers in Iran Food industry established on 1992 for producing different types of snacks (puffed corn).

    Due to internal and external markets during last years, Ashimashi has expanded and renovated the fundamental installation, and production lines. These measurements lead to increase production capacity. This process is still continuing by generating new production halls, and installation modern machineries, and utilizing advanced technology.

·         Utilizing modern system and up to date standards have been used since beginning in Ashimashi Group and it is developing day to day. All the products produced based on National and International standards.


·         All the subdivisions of Ashimashi Group are managed according to “Quality Management Systems” based on last version of ISO 9001:2008. “Environment and Biology Standard Certificates”                   ISO 014001:2004, as well as the certificate for “Providing Secure Job Environment and Securing Safety of the Personnel” OHSAS 18001:2007 have been granted to Ashimashi Group by SGS.

“IMS System development” reveals the organization belief for having superior production well.


·         Ashimashi Group was succeeded to receive a lot of trophies such as “International Quality Trophy” from French, “Quality & Technology Rewards” from Germany, and International award from “Switzerland International Trading Society”.


·         Furthermore, Mr. Iraj Mahboobi as the founder of Ashimashi Group has been selected as an Industry Champion in 2008.

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